Deadline: June 2, 2014 5 PM
Applications must be submitted through the online application process by June 2, 2014 at 5 PM. Applications received after this date will not be accepted.

The online instructions and applications are available by clicking HERE.

  What is LPB's Public Media Content Fund?

The Public Media Content Fund (PMCF) is an open invitation to independent producers to submit proposals for a program, limited series or short web-based digital video projects (no longer than 20 minutes) on any subject that relates to or is representative of Latino Americans that is appropriate for public television and/or one of its platforms.

  Content Priorities

Programs should bring new audiences to public media and have national relevance presenting a range of subjects, issues and viewpoints that complement and challenge existing public media offerings. These programs should also aim to meet the current content priorities of PBS that include but are not limited to: Performing Arts and Drama, History, Science, News and Public Affairs and/or programs that support CPB's American Graduate by raising awareness of all facets of the high school dropout crisis.

Programs should provide strong story-telling techniques that give voice to the diverse Latino community on public media. While proposals can take creative risks, selected projects must ultimately appeal to a wide variety of television and public media audiences. Projects that reflect personal or individual experience should have universal appeal, take creative risks and provide a lens to Latino history, culture and issues.

  Applicant Eligibility

An LPB-funded program must be the only version of the program. (A re-edited version of the LPB funded program cannot be re-packaged for another network).

All funding requests must be submitted in accordance with LPB's guidelines.

You may submit only one application, for one project or limited series, per review period. If your proposal is among those advanced to the panel, you may be asked to submit additional supporting materials.

An independent producer or a production entity (a partnership or organization of the individual producer or producers), that is/are creating programs on the Latino experience is/are eligible. These programs must be independent of the support of a film studio, commercial broadcast or cable entity, whether on a for hire, commission or employment basis. The producer or production entity must retain the copyright and have artistic, budgetary and editorial control over the proposed project.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, be citizens or legal residents of the United States or its territories, and have previous film or television experience demonstrated by detailed personnel bios or resumes, and by sample tapes upon request.

If this is your first full-length media project, you will be required to submit a video sample upon request of a shorter finished work that demonstrates your ability to tell a story using the visual medium. If applying for new media, producers must have been producing other short format productions for at least three years.

  Not Eligible
  • Thesis projects or student films.
  • Producers or production entities that are foreign based, owned or controlled.
  • Industrial or promotional projects.
  • Projects for which the exclusive domestic television broadcast rights are not available.
  • Projects with a primarily commercial interest.
  • Projects whose content or ideas are identical to previously LPB funded programs in production.
  • Current signatories of LPB contracts who have not completed delivery.
  • Current signatories re-applying for the same type of funding originally awarded.
  • Employees of CPB, PBS, APT and NETA.

  Funding Categories

LPB funding will average between $5,000 and $100,000 for programs of most genres, including documentary, narrative, performance, mixed genre or new media. LPB is interested in funding projects at the production and post-production stage. Requests for research and development (R&D) are not a priority. If applying for new media funds, applicants will be expected to complete the project with funds awarded. You may submit only one application, for one program or series, per review period. LPB funding for each stage ranges as follows:

Research and Development $5,000 - $20,000
Research and Development requests should provide funding for producers to fully develop their storylines, identify engaging characters, talent and complete a production proposal and budget. Eligible activities include: (i) research; (ii) clearance of life story rights or other rights necessary to initiate production; (iii) development of a script or treatment, including the hiring of writers; (iv) preliminary filming, if necessary prior to the commencement of principle photography; (v) completion of a production proposal and budget.

Production $25,000 - $100,000
Production request should provide funding for producers to film and produce their programs. Funding requested may or may not include full completion of the program. Eligible activities include: (i) principle photography (including all production activities, hiring of crew, talent, clearance of rights for public media use; (ii) development of a website for the program and (iii) post-production (including editing and completion).

Post-Production $25,000 - $100,000
Post-Production requests provide funding for producers to complete programs already-in-progress. Eligible activities include: (i) post-production (including editing and completion); (ii) clearance of rights required for public media use; (iii) development of a website for the program; and (iv) if approved by LPB, promotion and outreach expenses for the initial release of the program.

New Media $5,000 - $20,000
New Media request provide funding for producers to research, produce and complete "short form" (no more than 20 minute) programs for primary distribution over the Internet or another public television platform, and include vignettes, webisodes and other new media content. Eligible activities include: (i) research; (ii) clearance of rights necessary to produce, complete and distribute the program; (iii) all standard production and post-production activities; and (iv) creation of outreach materials (including promotion and marketing materials).

  Funding Contract Terms

LPB funding is subject to terms and conditions mandated both by LPB as well as underlying requirements and conditions required of LPB by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. If your project is selected, the funding you receive shall be pursuant to a licensing agreement in which you grant LPB certain exclusive domestic public television distribution rights for a proscribed period and territory, the exclusive right to package and promote the program through LPB and/or public broadcasting outlets, and, for new media programming, the exclusive distribution rights over LPB and/or public broadcasting websites and social media sites. This includes among others, the exclusive right to premiere the program via public television broadcast stations in the U.S. and its territories, the right to cablecast on a noncommercial, sustaining basis on cable channels programmed by PBS, and certain distribution rights in connection with use of the programming in the educational and public television marketplace (including, school use of an off-air recording for one year from the date of each broadcast). Additionally, there can be no broadcast or cablecast of any LPB-funded program in Canada until ninety (90) days after the initial release by U.S. public television, nor shall there be any other distribution of any LPB-funded program in the U.S. and its territories prior to the initial release by U.S. public television. Any program for public television broadcast must be cleared for a minimum of six (6) releases during the four (4) year period commencing on the initial release of the program by LPB.

The independent producer agrees to complete the program according to the proposed schedule, project description, and budget, and agrees to certain oversight rights and accountability obligations to LPB. The producer also agrees to royalty participation by LPB in a percentage of net revenues from ancillary distribution based on LPB's total financial contribution to the program.

Lastly, there are additional stipulations that accord LPB certain approval rights and reporting obligations, which are detailed in the contract once grant negotiations begin.

  Review Process

LPB will convene a panel of professionals to evaluate each application using the following criteria:

  • Ability to shed light on the Latino American experience.
  • Project concept is well conceived and creatively structured to engage a national broadcast audience.
  • The extent to which the treatment clearly describes the visuals and style and demonstrates engaging storytelling techniques.
  • The extent to which the proposal takes into account the television medium, and the needs and interests of the program's target audience.
  • The producer's ability to successfully complete the program on budget and on schedule, given the experience of the producer and proposed production team.
  • Soundness of the production and fund-raising plans.
  • Overall, the extent to which the project fulfills the LPB mission and programming goals.

  Sample Work

Sample tapes are not required and are not reviewed during the first phase of this process. If your project moves forward to the second phase, applicants will be required to submit a sample tape of his/her current work, if available, or previous work. Current work may be submitted as a work in progress. We recommend submitting a sample that is no longer than 5-minutes. The sample can be a full length rough cut, trailer, clips, scene selects, etc. Sample tape must be in DVD (NTSC) form and you may recommend a strong 5-minute segment you wish reviewed if needed. Applicants requesting post-production funds should be prepared to submit a rough-cut if requested. LPB does not return materials to applicants.

  Additional Budget Items

Regardless of LPB's contribution to the overall budget, or your determination of how LPB's monies would be allocated to any given line items within the budget, all applicants must include a comprehensive budget which covers the costs of complete broadcast deliverables, including:

  • Closed captioning.
  • General liability and errors and omissions insurance.
  • One broadcast master and one protection master. HDCam, Digital Beta or the latest acceptable format outlined in the PBS Redbook.
  • 10 DVD copies.
  • Purchase or clearance of all necessary rights for domestic public television and its platforms and educational rights including but not limited to music performances, archival and news footage.
  • Photography services for promotional black and white stills and color transparencies.
  • Fiscal sponsorship fees (not to exceed 10% of total budget).