Susanne Mason
Producer and Director

Susanne Mason’s feature debut, WRIT WRITER, is the product of several years of research into the history of the Texas Department of Corrections between 1947-1978, and a lot of fundraising. Prior to and during that time she served as associate producer of a variety of public television documentaries, including Are The Kids Alright? (2004 Regional PBS); Struggle In The Fields (1996 National PBS); Songs Of The Homeland (1994, National PBS); and Go Back To Mexico! (1994, Frontline, National PBS). More recently, Mason wrote, produced and directed short documentaries about the history of Austin, Texas, for the Save Our Springs Alliance and Watershed Productions, including Town In Transition, a short doc about growth in the Texas capitol between 1950-1975. Mason’s first film, Stories From The Riverside (1993), a 28-minute documentary that explores domestic homicide through the stories of three women incarcerated for murdering their abusive husbands, received a Silver Apple from the National Educational Film & Video Festival and a Director’s Choice Award from the Black Maria Film & Video Festival, among other honors.

Production Credits

Produced by
Susanne Mason

Narration adapted by
Dagoberto Gilb

Voice of Fred Cruz performed by
Jesse Borrego

Directed by
Susanne Mason

Cinematography by
Deborah Eve Lewis

Edited by
Karen Skloss
Manuel Tsingaris
Kristen Nutile
Sandra Guardado

Original Music written and performed by
Gabe Rhodes

Original Accordion Themes written & performed by
Joel Guzman

Motion Graphics & Design by
Brandon Thomas

Additional Motion Graphics & Design by
Eric Pham

Assistant Camera
David Layton

Associate Producer
Angie Alvarez
Deborah Norris
Robin Carter
Diane Weidenkopf

Additional Camera Operator
David Layton
John Lacy
Alex Rappoport
David DeWitt
Scott Sinkler
Wilson M. Waggoner

Sound Recording
Michael Swanner
Alex Herrera
Doug Dunderdale
Luke Deikis
Diane Weidenkopf
Ethan Andrus
A. Dale Lynn
Dennis Meehan
Brett Lofthus
Tina Hardin

Graphic Artist
Tillie Policastro
David Shields

Consulting Writer
Michelle Ferrari

Assistant Editor
Leah E. Bowers
Heather Courtney
Rian Casey Lee
Michelle Mayer
Mark O’Brien

Art Director
Heyd Fontenot

David Layton
Harrison Witt

Additional AC
Kat Gibson
Dina Parkinson

Featuring interviews with
Carlos M. Alva
Benny Wade Clewis
Robert M. Cousins
Jacqueline Gordon
Vanessa Jalet-Stanescu
Paul Lucko
Steve J. Martin
John V. Martinez
Carl Luther McAdams
Billy Wayne McCarter
Erasmo Mercado
Floyd Patterson
Rudy Portillo
Carl Robins
Alvin D. Slaton
William Bennett Turner

Bajo Sexto - Jose "Trino" Sanchez
Cello - Brian Standefer

Jeremy L. Castillo
Jesus M. Garcia
Josh Jimenez
Jorge Mata Otero
Eric Pham
Monica Torres

Historic Cars provided by
Janell Neal
Walter Neal
Charles R. Price
Gabriel Torres
Gene Watson

John V. Martinez

Research by
Susanne Mason
Robin Carter

Additional Research
Monica Walters
Alan Bushnell
Jessica Louchheim
Shawna Castellano

Production Assistants
Jesus Garcia
Barna Kantor
Heather Mitchell

Mary Robinson
Erin Howley

Lodging courtesy of
David Hefner

Post-production facilities
MATCH FRAME (1080, Inc.)

Voice-over Artists
Rodney Garza
David Garcia
Raul Castillo

Post-production sound recording
Murray Music
New Age Recording

Sound Editing & Design
Greg Armstrong

Sound Mix
Tom Hammond

Lloyd C. Anderson, J.D.
Michele Deitch, J.D.
Hector Galan
Seldon B. Hale
Frank R. Kemerer, PhD
Paul M. Lucko, PhD
James W. Marquart, PhD
Steve J. Martin, Esq.
Paul Stekler, PhD
Donald R. Walker, PhD
David A. Williams, PhD
Larry W. Yackle, J.D.
Howard Zinn, PhD

Post-production support
Detour Filmproduction

Fiscal Sponsor
Austin Film Society

Legal Counselors
Clark Richards
Benjamin J. Cunningham

Archival film and video courtesy of
ABC News VideoSource
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Archival photographs & news clips courtesy of
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Production Services
Alpha Cine Labs
Dwayne’s Photo Video Post & Transfer
Yale Film & Video

Film Stock by
Eastman Kodak

Special thanks to
Steve Akers
John Anderson
Gertrude Barnstone
David Briggs
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The Bustos Family
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Funding provided by
City of Austin Cultural Contracts Office
Texas Commission on the Arts
Southern Humanities Media Fund of the Virginia Council for the Humanities
National Endowment for the Arts
Texas Council for the Humanities
Summerlee Foundation
Texas Filmmakers’ Production Fund
Richard Linklater
Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media
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J. Patrick Hazel

Executive Producer for ITVS
Sally Jo Fifer

WRIT WRITER is a co-production of Passage Productions and the Independent Television Service (ITVS), in association with Latino Public Broadcasting, with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB)

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