Yolanda Garcia’s boyfriend, Dexter, wants to tag along when she visits her childhood home in the Dominican Republic. He’s fascinated by her stories of eccentric aunts, suave uncles and sexy cousins, and he imagines a week of pollo al carbon, Bachata music, and topless beaches. But this isn’t just a regular visit—Yolanda’s uncle Mundo is running for President, and the whole family is consumed with the elections. The timing couldn’t be worse to introduce her live-in Gringo lover to her proper, aristocratic Dominican family. But Dexter can’t resist temptation and follows Yo to Santo Domingo, posing as a journalist covering the elections. The lovers’ attempts to be together are thwarted by the prying eyes of Yo’s family, her seductive cousin Lucy, her old flame Antonio, the famous Dominican blackouts, and even the guard dogs. And their relationship, which made perfect sense in New York, gets turned upside down in the Caribbean heat.