Alex Rivera

Alex Rivera is a media artist and filmmaker who, for the past 10 years, has worked with digital video and on the Internet to tell unique stories of the Latino experience. He recently completed a series of short films for P.O.V.'s Borders web series, and produced for Hector Galan on the PBS series Visiones. He won the Sundance/NHK International Filmmaker award, and a Silver Hugo. His works have been screened at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), The Guggenheim Museum, Lincoln Center as well as on PBS and at numerous film festivals around the world. He lives in New York City.



Bernardo Ruiz

Bernardo Ruiz is a writer and filmmaker whose credits include the shorts, "Night Magic" and "The Devil's Twilight" (with Eli Wallach). He recently produced a 10-week interactive web documentary, Leaving Elsa, for P.O.V.'s Borders web series. Ruiz's writing has appeared in the Los Angeles Times and The Miami Herald. He is a recipient of a film grant from the New York Foundation on the Arts and an Emerging Maker grant from Latino Public Broadcasting. He lives in New York City.

Production Credits

Producer, Director
Alex Rivera

Bernardo Ruiz

Editor, Camera
Alex Rivera

Sound Recording, Additional Camera
Bernardo Ruiz

Original Score
Marcelo Zarvos

Visual Effects
Chris Kairalla

Sound Design and Mix
Juan Aceves
Light at the End of the Tunnel

Additional Camera
Cristina Ibarra
Harlan Bosmajian

Additional Editing
Cruz Angeles

Color Correction
Chris Kairalla

Production and Research Assistant
Ingrid Rojas

Still Photographers
Rodolfo Valtierra
Jorge Aguirre

Todos los miembros de Grupo Unión (appeared in the film)
La comunidad de San Vicente Boqueron, en Puebla y Newburgh (they did various things, cooked us food, drove us around, fed us, etc..)
Las familias de Lalo, José, Mecho, Antonio, y Jaime (these are the families of the main subjects)
Joel Magallan (he introduced me to the people who took me to the story)
Centro de Atencion a Migrantes, Acatlan, Puebla (this is the organization that took me to the town for the first time)
Inti Barrios Hernandez (she works at the above mentioned organization)
Francisco Mayo (he works at the above mentioned organization)
Cristina Ibarra (she worked with me on the first research trip)
Alyce Myatt (assisted with creative and financial development of the project)
Elspeth Revere (the program officer at MacArthur who funded the project)
Reuben Puentes (the program officer at Rockefeller who funded the project)
Active Voice (they gave advice on how the film might be used, and they suggested I contact Rockefeller)
Robert Smith (editorial and creative consultant)
Norman Cowie (gave critique, and helped with archival footage research)
Xochitl Dorsey (consulting about distribution of the final film)
Javier de la Torre (translator)
Lambert and Lambert, Attorneys (let us film in their offices)
John Valadez (lent us lights for free)
Ling Hsu (helped with production insurance)
Edin Velez (editorial consultant)
Kelly Anderson (editorial consultant)
Melanie Crean (post production consultant)
Angie Cruz (creative consultant)
Andrew Marino (Mayor of Newburgh — he gave us an interview)
Mayor's Office of Newburgh
Amy Shannon (creative consultant)
Oscar Chacon (creative consultant)
Veronica Ramirez (helped arrange filming at Casa Puebla)
Carmelo Mecedo (gave an interview)
Casa Puebla (allowed me to film meeting)
El Gubenador de Puebla (gave an impromptu interview)
Vanessa Bauche (provided free lodging in Mexico City)
Greg Berger (provided free lodging in Morelos, Mexico)
Sam Green (editorial consultant)
Prashant Bhagarva (visual effects consultant)
Dana Catharine (mother of Bernardo, raised him, etc.)
Virginia and Augusto Rivera (parents of Alex, raised him, etc.)
La Asociación Tepeyac (the organization with which I began my whole creative process, thinking about the story, and finding the contacts to produce it)

Produced in association with
P.O.V. / American Documentary, Inc.

Production funding provided by
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Rockefeller Foundation

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