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The Abudayyeh Family
Betto Arcos
The Dodgers Campo Las Palmas
The Los Angeles Dodgers
The Villanueva - Flores Family
The Garcia Family
Luchy Guerra
Susan Gzesh
Heartland Alliance/
Traveler And Immigrant's Aid
Lewis Kimsey
The Wiwa-Lawani Family
The Nwidor Family
The Muncion-Rodriguez Family
Ed Silverman
Unhcr-Benin Office
Us State Department
Woody Wickham

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Danny Alpert
Virginia Koch
Juan Andrade, El Remedio
Peter Kuttner
Ngoan Le
Jose Arce Acosta
Lisa Levy, Voz Latina
Rafael Avila
Levy Security
Mr. Omar Baah
Mohammad Abde Loader
Marshall Field's
Methodist Ministries
Santiago Burciaga, U.S. Consulate
Norma Morfa - US Customs
Burlington Coat Factory
Northern Illinois University
Career Academy
Northwestern Hospital
Joel Carp
Northwestern University Hospital
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Our Lady of the Angels Convent
Christ's Oasis Ministries
Pablo Peguero
CircleLine, NY
S&C Electric
Coffee Day Cafe, Bangalore
The Senewa Family
Sequoia Theatres, Garden City
DJ Arabia, Shereen Isbatan
Service Is Us
Delta Airlines
Shopper's Stop
Tommy Lasorda
The Stimac Family
Dominick's Finer Foods
Sullivan High School
Nida Emmons, U.S Consulate
Swedish Covenant Hospital
The Fairmont Hotel
Toshiharu Takatsuka
Professor Cynthia Farrar, UTEP
Thorec Hospital
Foster Methodist Nursing Home
Truman College
Garden City Community College
Union Church - St. Louis, MO
Garden City Public Schools
Pat Usawa-Ruben, US Consulate
Rodney Germain, INS Florida
Virgin Atlantic
Grip Design
Jerry Weinstein
Hector Guerrero
Owens Wiwa
Bill Geivett
Erku Yimar
Headstart Nursery, CA
Judy Hoffman
Honda of Sunnyvale
Claudine Jordan
Ruthie Garcia
Issa Boulos
John Aebischer
Jason Bitner

The Ogoni Community in Chicago
Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers
Toham African Restaurant - Chicago
The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP)
Isabel Mullens, Immigration & Naturalization Service
Sister Levita Rohlman, Catholic Social Services
Sharon Rummery, Public Relations, Immigration and Naturalization Service
Donna Sanchez Jennings, Mexican American Ministries
Penny Schwab, Executive Director, Mexican American Ministries
St Luke Evangelist Catholic Church of Great Falls
Sherry Taylor, Seward County Historical Museum
Lic. Carlos Todd Romero, Servicios Medicos De La Frontera
Sergio Tovar Alvarado, Delegado, Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores
United Nations High Commission on Refugees
Ron Wilson, Public Relations, SF International Airport
Matthew Connely, US Consulate, Chennai
Wilson Broadway Currency Exchange
Howard Area Community Center
The Hyatt McCormick Chicago
Jane Addams Vocational Training Center
The Hyatt Regency and McCormick Hotels of Chicago
Computer-Aided Marriage Bureau (CAMB)
The Illinois Department of Drivers and Motor Vehicles
Rana Jaber - International Organization of Migration (IOM)
The Woody Band of Ogoniland

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