My Journey Home traverses the conflicted, cultural landscape of the United States, through the perspective of new American voices known and unknown – writer Faith Adiele, journalist Andrew Lam, and Armando and Carlos Peña, two brothers from an ordinary family that has weathered extraordinary times. In a feature length, two-hour documentary, we will follow their journeys home as they try to come to grips with the America of their past and future. On the road in this country and beyond, Lam, Adiele and the Peña brothers will encounter a nation transformed. It is not the old America of homogeneity and fixed boundaries, but a new global society of suburban Little Saigons, Mexican and Korean communities in the middle of the Great Plains, and cities where Islam and Buddhism are the fastest growing religions. At the heart of each story will be the drama of a personal search, revealing biographies that are provoking, humorous and emotionally devastating.