J. Roberto Gutiérrez
Series Producer

J. Roberto Gutiérrez is the vice president for public affairs and communication at the University of Notre Dame. Prior to joining the Notre Dame staff, Mr. Gutiérrez co-founded the Hispanic Telecommunications Network (HTN) in 1982. The organization produces the weekly, award-winning television series, Nuestra Familia. Mr. Gutiérrez became HTN's president and CEO in 1985. In his role as executive producer of all HTN's productions, Mr. Gutiérrez created and produced 1,200 episodes of Nuestra Familia as well as other award-winning projects and feature-length documentaries, seen on UNIVISION, Galavision, PBS and ABC networks.



Gayla Jamison
Supervising Producer and Producer-Writer

Gayla Jamison specializes in social issue and educational documentaries. Since joining HTN in 1997, she has been Supervising Producer and episode Producer-Writer for two series: MY AMERICAS and The Field Afar. She also produced and wrote La Gran Posada, a documentary about the annual Christmas procession in San Antonio.

In addition to her work at HTN, Ms. Jamison has produced short and long form documentaries for Turner Broadcasting, Odyssey Channel, Georgia Public Television, Simon & Schuster, and Channel 13 in Santiago, Chile. Her independently produced documentaries have appeared on The Learning Channel, PBS, WGBH-TV, and ABC network affiliates, as well as broadcast in Germany and the former Soviet Union. Her documentaries have received the Bronze Award, Columbus Film Festival; Special Jury Award, USA Film Festival; Awards of Merit from the Latin American Studies Association; Gold Apple, National Educational Media Network Film Festival; Blue Ribbons from the American Film Festival; Silver Plaque, Chicago International Film Festival; Best Documentary, San Antonio CineFestival; CINE Golden Eagle, and Silver Apple, National Educational Film Festival. Ms. Jamison resides in Atlanta, where she was a founding member and the first director of IMAGE Film and Video Center, a non-profit media arts center.

Rebecca Marvil

Following her graduate work in marine geology at Brown University, Rebecca went to work for the Chedd-Angier Production Company in Watertown, MA where she was the associate producer for numerous PBS science programs including NOVA, Frontline, and Race to Save the Planet. In 1990, Rebecca went to WGBH-TV where she worked in National Productions on such acclaimed series as Columbus and the Age of Discovery and Americas.

Over the years, Rebecca has combined interests in film, education and Latin America to make films in Colombia, Puerto Rico, Ecuador and Mexico, lead production workshops in Colombia and spent a semester teaching in Peru as a Fulbright lecturer in 1996. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, in 1992 she made Images of Faith, a documentary about faith and folk art in Puerto Rico. From 1993 to 1995 Rebecca worked in Colombia where she helped design a national environmental education campaign. Rebecca also produced the documentary for the visitor’s center theater at the El Yunque rainforest in Puerto Rico. Between 1997 and 1998, Rebecca produced documentaries for Discover Magazine, Discovery Channel’s video magazine of current science and technology. At Northern Light Productions in Boston, Rebecca made a series of short documentaries on African American religions for the Smithsonian Institution’s exhibit “African Voices.” In 2000, Rebecca produced the new signature film for Yellowstone National Park. After moving to Houston in 2000, Rebecca worked as a Writer/Producer for Galán Productions Inc. to develop the series Visiones: Latino Art and Culture for PBS.

Rick Tejada-Flores

Rick Tejada-Flores produced Rivera in America and Jasper Johns: Ideas in Paint for the PBS series AMERICAN MASTERS and co-produced and directed the PBS primetime specials, The Fight in the Fields: Cesar Chavez and the Farmworkers’ Struggle, and The Good War and Those Who Refused to Fight It. The Fight in the Fields had the highest PBS viewer ratings ever among Latino households, and the companion book published by Harcourt Brace, website and curriculum continue to be used by thousands. The Good War aired nationally on PBS on Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday in 2002 and went on to win best documentary of 2002 from the Organization of American Historians and the Association of American Historians. Tejada-Flores has produced for the Smithsonian Institute and received the James Phelan Award for Filmmaking.

Production Credits

Executive Producer
Janice Alamía, HTN Productions, Inc.

Series Producer
J. Roberto Gutiérrez

Supervising Producer
Gayla Jamison

Episode Producers/Writers
Gayla Jamison, Rebecca Marvil, Rick Tejada-Flores

Associate Producer
Joseph Bamat

Vicente Franco, Hilary Morgan, Mark Eveslage

Location Sound
Ray Day, Jaime Kibben

Carlos Castañeda, Veronica Rodríguez-Regalado, Clarissa Mandujano

Post Production Coordinator
Carlos Castañeda

Post Production Services
Scott Auerbach, Weatherford Television

Maryknoll, Latino Public Broadcasting