Amy Stechler

Amy Stechler co-produced, wrote and edited the early films of Ken Burns: "Brooklyn Bridge" (nominated for an Academy Award), "The Shakers: Hands to Work, Hearts to God" and "Huey Long." She also served as an editing consultant for "The Civil War." Stechler is president of Daylight Films.

Production Credits

Producer and Director
Amy Stechler

Maia Harris
Victor Zamudio-Taylor

Amy Stechler

Rita Moreno

Voice of Frida
Lila Downs

Buddy Squires

George Schafnacker

Music Produced and Arranged by
Jeanine Cowen

Ken Burns
Hayden Herrera

Creative Advisors
Michelle Ferrari
Ric Burns

Post-Production Supervisor
Julia Mintz

Technical Supervisor
Michael Yecies

Technical Consultant
Rod Thibeault

Editing Assistant
Erica Kraus

Production Assistants
Luis Alonzo
Sarah Friedland
Michael Moss

Still Photography
Lisa Maizlich

Location Coordinators
Susannah Glusker / Mexico
Marcia Perskie / Mexico
Joanna Groning / Berlin

For WETA, Washington D.C.
Sharon P. Rockefeller, President

Executive Producer
David S. Thompson

Vice President, Production Management
Jim Corbley

Executive Producer
Dalton Delan

Associate Producer
Roger Downey

Kristine Barr