Justice for my People” tells the story of Dr. Hector P. Garcia – Mexican Revolution refugee, medical doctor to the barrios, decorated war veteran, civil rights activist and presidential confidante- as he fought to bring attention to the Mexican American civil rights movement.

Returning from World War II, Garcia found that his people faced public school segregation, squalid living conditions in labor camps, and second-class citizenship. In 1948, he founded the American GI Forum, empowering Mexican Americans to fight numerous legal and political battles against discrimination. As he championed the rights of Mexican Americans, his life would be threatened. He would overcome personal tragedy. He would refuse to be thwarted by political setbacks and disappointments. The program is incredibly powerful and inspiring and uncovers the work that Dr. Garcia did during the same period in time The program archives is still unfinished and we would like to have it finished as soon as possible.