Jonathan Robinson

Robinson was born in New York City in 1960. He received a B.A. in Modern History at the University of California, Berkeley, and received an M.F.A. in Live-Action Film Production from the California Institute of the Arts, Valencia. His video on India, cultural difference and the contemporary colonial imagination, sight unseen: a travelog, was featured at the 1993 Biennial Exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art, won the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s SECA Video Art Award and was named Best Experimental Video at the Image Atlanta Film and Video Festival. Robinson has worked as a freelance editor and script consultant and extensively in the non-profit world of criminal and juvenile justice. He currently lives in New Haven, Connecticut with his wife and two daughters.


Production Credits

Producer, Director, Writer
Jonathan Robinson

Sonia Rosario
Angel Zapata
Karen D. Davis
Karen McCabe
Francesca Prada

Consulting Producer
Kerry Herman

Associate Producers
Megan Mylan Tami Yeager

Directors of Photography
Adam Beckman
Alex Leyton
Kev Robertson

2nd Unit Director of Photography
Patrick Rousseau

Artwork & Still Photographs
Juan Sanchez

Original Music
Kip Hanrahan
John Santos

Casting Director & Drama Consultant
Jeanette Torruella-Plaza

Visual & Story Consultant
Jonathan Levit

Jonathan Robinson
Michael Rothman

Additional Editing
Mauro Cammoroda

Consulting Editor
Sabine Hoffman

Motion Graphics and Title Designer
Dana Schechter


Piri Thomas

Young Piri Thomas
Jeremy Sanchez

Young Adult Piri Thomas
Eric Camacho

Steve Rosario

Boys playing with Dopey
José M. Oliveras
Michael Ortiz
Jonathan M. Rosario
Joseph Andrew Webb

Girls playing with Dopey
Tatianna Butler
Carmen Guzman
Alexis Ramos

Dopey’s Father
Frank M. Rodriguez

Dopey’s Mother’s
Mary Perez

Piri’s Brother José
Carlos Santiago

Piri’s Father
Cecilio Ortiz, Jr.

Piri’s Mother
Marilyn Cruz

Maria Cora
José M. Oliveras
Brian Vouglas

Fight Scene Director
Marcos Miranda

James Childers
Jeff Gilliam
Damian Lucas
Robert K. Omer

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Sara Chin
Curtis Choy
John Haptas
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Rob Taz

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Vinnie Angel
Randy Colosky
Rhonda Moscoe

Costume Designers
Mimi O’Donnell
Mary Stutz
Luis Torres

Mask Maker
Emily Getchel

Writing Workshop
The Beat Within, Pacific News Service
San Francisco Youth Guidance Center

Assistant Editors
Scott Amore
Andrew Damon
Dia Felix
Mahoko Kurumasu

Post-Production Facility
DuArt Film & Video , New York

On-Line Editor
Larry Schmitt

Color Correction
Mike Maguire

Sound Editor
Matt Gundy

Sound Mixer
Carmen Borgia

Additional Music

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Excerpts from Down These Mean Streets are granted courtesy of Warner Brothers, a
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Archival Research
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Major Funding Provided By
National Endowment for the Arts
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Independent Film & Videomaker Grant

Additional Funding Provided By
California Council for the Humanities
San Francisco Arts Commission
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Pacific Pioneer Fund
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Produced in Association with the Independent Television Service and
Latino Public Broadcasting

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