Sonia Gonzalez

Sonia Gonzalez has been an editor for over ten years. She learned her craft as an assistant editor for such esteemed directors as Spike Lee, Milos Forman, Alan J. Pakula, Ted Demme and Robert Redford. As an editor, Sonia has cut numerous shorts, the independent features DESTINATION UNKNOWN, EL CIRCULO VICIOSO and AFRODITE SUPERSTAR and NUYORICANS, a documentary for PBS that was aired in August 2003. Sonia has also edited numerous DVD special features, among them: LADY SINGS THE BLUES, FOUR BROTHERS, THE GHOST WHISPERER (Season One), THE FACTS OF LIFE (Season One & Two). Sonia’s directing credits include the short comedy, DEBUTANTE and the documentary BRAGGING RIGHTS, which chronicles the history and players of the New York City game of stickball. BRAGGING RIGHTS aired on PBS/WNET in September 2006. Sonia is currently a co-editor on the feature documentary, ANTONIA PANTOJA: ¡PRESENTE! about the life and work of Puerto Rican educator Antonia Pantoja.

Sonia is also a field producer for DVD and web content. Her producing credits include RESCUE ME, DAMAGES, CANTERBURY’S LAW, NEW AMSTERDAM and CASHMERE MAFIA.  In 1992, she received her BFA from New York University in Film.


Production Credits

Produced by
Sonia N. Gonzalez

Bienvenida Matias
Faith Radle

Executive Producer
Sam Pollard

James Lefkowitz
Elia Lyssy
Dylan Verrechia        

Film Editing
Carla Gutierrez

Sound Mixer
Jose Torres

Still Photographer
Edwin Pagan

Additional Editor
Augie Robles