Natatcha Estébanez

Natatcha Estébanez was a Boston-based, award-winning filmmaker who spent more than nearly two decades producing, directing and writing films and programs for television. Her first feature film, the critically acclaimed The Blue Diner, won the prestigious Alma Award for Outstanding Independent Motion Picture. The film aired on HBO and broadcast on PBS in 2003. Natatcha worked on the PBS series Race: The Power of an Illusion. She produced and directed 12 films for the favorite Poem Project for PBS, as well as four films for the Discovery channel and the Animal Planet channel. She also worked with Henry Hampton, founder of Blackside, Inc. and creator of the acclaimed series Eyes On The Prize, on BreakThrough, a four part series about the struggles and contributions of multicultural scientists to the scientific field. Her films have won numerous awards including the Gold Award from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the Silver Award from the New York Film and Television Festivals, four regional Emmy Awards, and the Gold Award at the Houston International Film Festival. She was a regular contributor to the WGBH series Greater Boston Arts. She served on the National Coalition for Independent Broadcasting Producers, and served with distinction on the ITVS board of directors.


Jan Egleson

Jan began writing and directing independent films in 1980, and by 1984 had completed an award winning trilogy of films about working-class adolescents in Boston. These three films, Billy in the Lowlands, The Dark End of the Street, and The Tender Age, were shown on the PBS series American Playhouse. In 1985 Jan directed a critically acclaimed mini-seriesfor American Playhouse, Roanoak, one of the first dramas about native Americans to use the Ojibwa language. In 1986, he adapted and directed Lanford Wilson’s play Lemon Sky, starring Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick. The film subsequently was awarded the Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

He then directed a series of television pilots and movies, including Gang of Four, Against the Law and A Shock to the System with Michael Caine. Jan then returned to American Playhouse. He also directed Kane, The Last hit, Justice in a Small Town, Original Sins, The Surrogate,and The Elen Hart Peña Story.


Production Credits

Natatcha Estébanez

Jan Egleson

Executive Producers
Ron Kastner
Lemore Syvan
Marcus Viscidi

Lewis D. Wheeler

Writing credits (in alphabetical order)
Jan Egleson - screenplay
Jan Egleson - story
Natatcha Estébanez - screenplay
Natatcha Estébanez – story

Original Music
Claudio Ragazz

Teresa Medina

Film Editor
Jeanne Jordan

Elsie Stark

Production Design
David Gulick

Art Direction
Lisa Nagid

Set Decoration
Lisa Nagid

Costume Design
Annie Dunn
Lisa Lesniak