Tales From a Ghetto Klown profiles the renowned actor/playwright John Leguizamo and his unorthodox rise to success, while capturing his struggles to mount his latest one-man show on Broadway.

When it comes to opening up about your life, most normal people prefer to speak to their close friends, family or even a therapist. But when John Leguizamo bares his soul, he chooses one of the most public venues of all – the Broadway stage. For the fifth time in his career, the respected actor and all around funnyman has chosen to share tales from his life – chancletas and all – in his new one man show Ghetto Klown. Far from his Colombian/Nuyorican roots in the melting pot mofongo of Jackson Heights, John's latest opus sheds light on his days as an outsider on some of the most exclusive sets in Hollywood. But before John Leguizamo can celebrate his latest triumph, he and his team have to navigate the seemingly endless obstacles they face in mounting a Broadway show.

From securing a suitable (and available!) theater to out-of-town tryouts, last minute tweaks and aggressive marketing plans, Tales from a Ghetto Klown is a profile of John Leguizamo as an artist, writer and bi-cultural phenomenon. Intercut with the making of Ghetto Klown on Broadway, the documentary also features intimate interviews with colleagues, family, friends, celebrities and John himself, revealing his journey from the ghetto to a respected place as one of the most unique voices in American theater.