Marianne Teleki

Marianne was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area- California, Mexico and Brazil. SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES, Marianne's directorial debut, received the Special Jury Prize at the International Documentary Film Festival, FIDOCS, in Santiago, Chile and Best Documentary at the Berkeley Film Festival. In addition, Marianne received the award for Best Bay Area Filmmaker at the International Latino Film Festival in San Francisco. SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES received funding from Latino Public Broadcasting in 2004 and 2005, from the Pacific Pioneer Fund, the Katahdin Foundation and Fleishhacker Foundation among others. Marianne has worked as a field producer for Television Nacional de Chile and is a member of National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP), Bay Area Women in Film and Television (BAWIFT) and the Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC). She resides in Berkeley, California US.

Jennifer Maytorena Taylor

Jennifer Maytorena Taylor's award-winning documentaries and short films have been shown in theaters, on television, and in film festivals and museums around the world. She is a recipient of the James D. Phelan Art Award for her body of work, which explores the connection between the personal and the socio-political. Jennifer recently produced and directed "Ramadan Primetime," a documentary examining Middle Eastern television culture for the national satellite channel Link TV. She's also in production with "New Muslim Cool," a feature documentary exploring deep faith, indigenous American Muslim culture, and its connections to hip-hop.

Deann Borshay Liem

Deann Borshay Liem has over twenty years experience working in development, production and distribution of educational and public television programming. She was Producer, Director, Writer for the Emmy Award-nominated documentary, "First Person Plural" (Sundance, 2000; Best Bay Area Documentary, San Francisco International Film Festival), and Executive Producer for Spencer Nakasako's "Kelly Loves Tony" (PBS, 1998) and "AKA Don Bonus" (PBS, 1996, Emmy Award). Deann is a recipient of a Rockefeller Film/Video Fellowship for "Precious Objects of Desire."

Shirley Thompson

Shirley is an Emmy award-winning editor, producer and long-form edit-doctor based in Dallas, Texas. She edits thought-provoking, social-issue documentaries for television, including "Louie, Louie," "Tangled Roots," "Surfing for Life" and "It's Elementary." The documentaries she has edited have been awarded Emmy awards, Best of Festival Awards, Cine Golden Eagles, and the DuPont Columbia Award for Journalism, and they have screened at film festivals worldwide. She also writes and produces on-air promotions for PBS's Independent Lens.

Héctor Salgado
Hector is the the subject of the documentary SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES, is an artist, human rights activist and political organizer. A former political prisoner at the Naval Base on Quiriquina Island in the South of Chile, Héctor speaks of the need for reconciliation in Chile based on truth and justice. Héctor was detained at the age of 16 years and imprisoned from 1973 to 1976. The Pinochet regime exiled Salgado to the U.S. in 1976 and did not allow him to return to his country until 1987.

For six years Héctor researched and did the investigative work for "Special Circumstances," a feature documentary directed and produced by Marianne Teleki, which exposes the military personnel involved in Salgado's torture and imprisonment in the South of Chile in 1973. He is now writing an autobiographical book about his experience as a political prisoner and exilee. Héctor also produced the music that he composed along with other musicians for the soundtrack CD of the documentary "Special Circumstances."

Since his arrival in the U.S., he has been a leading human rights activist and political organizer of the exiled Chilean community. Héctor has worked intensely for more than 30 years in the solidarity movement with Latin America and in the movement for social justice in the U.S. He studied electronic music composition and international relations at San Francisco State University. As a musician, he toured the U.S., Canada, Europe and Central America and recorded three records with the Chilean Nueva Cancion Ensemble "Grupo Raiz" based in Berkeley, California. The group performed with the legendary American folksinger and storyteller, Pete Seeger in concert halls in Berlin, Managua, New York, San Francisco, and Berkeley. "Grupo Raiz is a great achievement for us all," Seeger once said, "It was a great honor to be on stage with you."

In the political arena, Salgado pioneered the first-ever political fundraising presidential campaign in Latin American through a global internet site during the 2000 presidential election of President Ricardo Lagos of Chile. He also has been a leading figure in the campaign to obtain the right to vote for more than one million Chileans around the world.

Production Credits

Produced & Directed by
Marianne Teleki

Co-produced & co-directed by
Jennifer Maytorena Taylor

Written & Edited by
Shirley Thompson

Original music by
Manuel Meriño & Héctor Salgado

Production Crew - Chile
Sebastián Moreno
Pablo Insunza
Juan Pablo Manríquez
Soledad Silva
Eduardo Lobos

Production Crew - US
Andrew Black
Adrian Belic
Matty Nematollahi
Bill Basquin
Latino Public Broadcasting
Katahdin Foundation
Carolyn Cavalier Rosenberg, Dr. Sanford Rosenberg & Media Research Associates
Pacific Pioneer Fund
Nu Lambda Trust
Fleishhacker Foundation
La Peña Cultural Center
Puffin Foundation

Individual donors
Marc Van Der Hout and Jody LeWitter
Ximena Thiers
Simpson Family
Sally Fairfax
Laurella Bonafazi
Carmen and Jock Leighton
Michele McGeoy
Kim Boston and Floyd Williams
Jane Norling
Tom Corlett
Predrag Cvitanovic
Margaret Keyes
Lainie Renard & Bruce Bedortha
Kirsten Irgens-Moller and Christopher V. Ho
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Community School of the East Bay
Cheryl Higgins
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