Street Knowledge 2 College (SK2C) explores the lives of students and families at a unique, community-organized school in South Los Angeles. Run by the Youth Justice Coalition, FREE L.A. High School works to get youth off the school-to-jail track and engaged in community leadership – transforming their own lives and those of others. This original 15-part web series was conceived and produced collaboratively with youth from the FREE L.A. High School community.

This guide is designed to support meaningful dialogue among educators, community leaders, students, and parents who care about youth at risk for not graduating from high school. These mini-docs are appropriate for use in both community screenings and classroom settings. By combining the stories of SK2C with thought-provoking discussion, you can raise awareness and understanding about the dropout crisis in the United States, policies and practices that undermine student success, and strategies that strengthen communities by helping young people develop leadership skills and graduate.

Street Knowledge 2 College is proud to be a part of public media's AMERICAN GRADUATE: Let's Make it Happen, a national public media initiative made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to help communities across the country address the high school dropout crisis. For more information, please visit:

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