Maria Bures

With a career spanning over two decades in commercial and broadcast production, producer/director Maria Bures creates factual programming and new media that merges the content-driven style of traditional documentaries with the aesthetics of commercial production.

After graduating from the San Francisco Art Institute, Maria began her career working for various production companies in the Bay Area independent film community. She moved to Miami in 1989 to work as Chief Assignment Editor for TV Mujer, a daily one-hour television program for Hispanic women broadcast on the Univision Network. She moved to advertising production and throughout the 90’s, Maria garnered extensive experience as a line producer supervising the production of over 600 spots in three continents.

Among her broadcast credits are: Healthy Living with Leticia, 20 half-hour branded entertainment TV shows offering health and lifestyle advice for seniors; Casas, a 13-episode series on Latin American architecture and design for the Discovery Channel’s People and Arts Network; and 52 three-minute informative capsules on health issues for Discovery Health Latin America.

The Marguerite Casey Foundation

Marguerite Casey Foundation exists to help low income families strengthen their voice and mobilize their communities in order to achieve a more just and equitable society for all. The Marguerite Casey Foundation imagines a just and equitable society for all, where all children are nurtured to become compassionate, responsible and self-reliant adults; where families are engaged in the life of their communities, the nation, and the world; and where people take responsibility for meeting today's needs as well as those of future generations.