Ari Luis Palos

Ari Luis Palos, a Mexican American filmmaker, started Dos Vatos Productions, a film and video production company dedicated to bringing the voice of Latino American to international audiences. Palos has served as director of photography and director on a number of cross-cultural films, including: The Beauty Salon (1997), At leisure’s Edge (1998), Hill Stomp Hollar (2000), Okie Noodling (2001), Beyond the Border (2001), Impresario (2002), The Kentucky Theatre (2003), El Rio de los Perros (2004), Corazon del Plata/Heart of Silver (2006), and The Spirituals (2008).

Eren Isabel McGinnis

The documentary and narrative credits of Mexican American filmmaker Eren Isabel McGinnis include: The Southern Sex (1992), Roving Eye (1993), The Chase (1994), Mother Love (1996), The Beauty Salon (1997), Tobacco Blues (1998), The Girl Next Door (2000), Kit Kat (2001), Day of the Dead in Teotitlan del Valle (2001), Beyond the Border (2001, Impresario (2002), The Kentucky Theatre (2003), Corazon del Plata (2006), Taladxi (2007), and The Spirituals (2008). McGinnis has a degree in anthropology from San Diego State University, and a certificate in Film and Video Theory and Production from the University College Dublin, in Ireland. McGinnis, with the support of a Fulbright, spent a year living, writing, and filmmaking in Juchitán, México.

Production Credits

Academic Advisor
Dr. Jeffrey Duncan-Andrade

Jacob Bricca

Lisa Molomot

Naïm Amor