Juan Mandelbaum

Juan Mandelbaum has been recognized as a documentary filmmaker, and has also worked as teacher, curator and consultant. He is President and Creative Director of GEOVISION, a Massachusetts multicultural communications agency.

Juan’s work has been broadcast on a variety of venues, from AMERICAN PLAYHOUSE to SESAME STREET, and has won multiple awards, including EMMY awards and nominations, CINE Golden Eagles, GABRIEL awards, CHRIS award, and SILVER APPLE award. Juan was a producer/director at WGBH-Boston on Americas, a 10-part series on Latin America and the Caribbean for PBS and Channel 4-UK, for which he co-produced In Women’s Hands and produced Builders of Images.

Juan’s independent productions have been aired on PBS and in many festivals and are in worldwide distribution. His films have received grants and funding from the Sundance Institute, ITVS, Latino Public Broadcasting and the National Endowment for the Arts/Massachusetts Cultural Council. These include Caetano in Bahia, Ringl and Pit, A New World of Music, and the Poetry Heaven series, on The Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival.

Juan has served as reader and panelist for the Independent Television Service (ITVS), Latino Public Broadcasting, Massachusetts Cultural Council, New Hampshire Council on the Arts and the New England Film and Video Festival.

Juan studied sociology in his native Argentina, and worked as a journalist, photographer and educator until he left for the US in 1977 to leave behind the military dictatorship. He holds an MA in Communications from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, which in 1998 gave him the Merrill Panitt Citizenship Award, given every year to a distinguished alumnus. Juan is past president of International Film Seminars, organizers of the Flaherty Film Seminars.


Juan Mandelbaum

David Carnochan

Director of Photography
Vicente Franco

Gustavo Moretto

Associate Producer
Lucia Mandelbaum

Line Producer - Buenos Aires
Roxana Salamone

Associate Producer - Buenos Aires
Francisco Garcia Faure

Story Consultant
Patricia Garcia Ríos

Script Advisors
Maria Agui Carter
Garry Emmons
Judith Vecchione

Archival Research
Dolores Miconi

Location Sound
Lisandro Schaffer
Fernando Soldevila

Additional Camera
Daniel Karp
Nicolas Abuaf
Thomas Danielczik
Francisco Garcia Faure
Juan Mandelbaum
Andres Ogaita
Alejandro Silva

HD Consultant
David Bigelow

Online Editor
Elias Malette

Dave Allen

Sound Design
Geof Thurber

Sound Mixer
Greg McCleary
Heart Punch Studio

Production Assistants
Ana Farini
Facundo Garcia Faure
Lucia Kearney
Maxine Mane
Eloisa Tarruela

Scans & Photo Retouching
Martin Berinstein
Elias Malette
Maxine Mane

Music Recording & Mix
Hector del Curto

Hector del Curto, bandoneón
Nick Danielson, violin
Pedro Giraudo, bass & bombo
Katie Kresek, viola
Sami Merdinian, violin
Gustavo Moretto, piano
Martin Moretto, guitar
Jisoo Ok, cello
Juan Santana, pan pipes
Andrew Sterman, clarinet
Alon Yavnai, piano

Additional Music
“Marcia”, “Mimame Bandoneón” and “Buenos Aires solo es piedra” from “Mimame Bandoneón” by Gustavo Moretto, performed by ALAS.
Daniel Binelli, bandoneón;
Pedro Aznar, melodica; Martin Moretto, guitar; Gustavo Moretto, piano;
Alex Zuker, bass; Carlos Riganti, drums.
Courtesy of Gustavo Moretto.

“Demos Gracias” from “La Pasión según San Marcos” by Osvaldo Golijov. Published by Ytalianna Music Publishing. Courtesy of Hänssler Records - www.haennsler-classic.de.

“Interludio de Balazos” from “Ainadamar”
by Osvaldo Golijov.
Published by Ytalianna Music Publishing.
Courtesy of Osvaldo Golijov.

Transcripts & Translations
Lydia Bloom
Carla Carnevale
Ricardo Clement
Andrea Giampaolini
Carina Masciotra
Martin Stezano
Diana Trudell

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