John Valadez has been writing, producing and directing award winning, nationally broadcast documentaries for the past sixteen years. Last year his film The Chicano Wave, a history of Mexican-American music, for the PBS/BBC series Latin Music USA received a primetime national broadcast in both the United States and Europe. Valadez has had two films on the acclaimed PBS series POV -- Passin’ It On, about the false imprisonment of a former leader of the Black Panther Party and The Last Conquistador, about an artist who must face the moral implications of his work as he creates a statue of a Spanish explorer who committed genocide. He directed the first hour of the PBS series Making Peace about Chicano writer and former gang leader Luis Rodriguez and produced The Divide, the first hour of the PBS series Matters of Race. Valadez was a director for the PBS series Visiones: Latino Arts & Culture and he was also a producer of the prime-time PBS special Beyond Brown. The film looked at the re-segregation of American schools 50 years after the Supreme Court decision Brown v. Board of Ed. At CNN, Valadez wrote, directed and produced the award winning film High Stakes Testing, for CNN Presents. The film was an hour-long hard-hitting investigative film about the Bush administration’s education policies. Valadez will be a writer, producer, director of the forthcoming six-hour PBS series Latino Americans.

Valadez has twice been a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow, is a Rockefeller Fellow, and a PBS/CPB Producers Academy Fellow. He regularly lectures at universities across the United States. A member of The Writers Guild of America East, Valadez is also a founding member of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) and graduate of the film program at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.