Denise Zmekhol

Working on social issue documentaries as well as in commercial arenas, Zmekhol combines a public affairs sensibility with a commercial director’s visual acumen.

A Sao Paulo native, Zmekhol studied social communication and journalism in Brazil, and completed her studies in photography, film and broadcasting at San Francisco State University. Early in her career, Zmekhol worked as a news cameraperson in San Francisco and later as Associate Producer on the acclaimed documentary Landscape of Memories.

When she returned to Brazil in 1987, Zmekhol assisted on numerous documentaries filmed in the Amazon. In addition to her film work, she photographed extensively, producing the photo exhibition Children of the Amazon, and shooting the last photographs of the renowned rubber tapper and environmental activist Chico Mendes before his assassination. Her photos of Mendes appeared in Time Magazine and other publications worldwide.

During the 90s, Zmekhol worked as a freelance producer for various Sao Paulo production companies, creating marketing and public relations projects for Kelloggs, Max Factor, Pepsi, General Motors, Fiat and others. She quickly advanced to commercial directing, working on political and consumer spots.

In 1998, Zmekhol returned to the United States to co-produce and co-direct DIGITAL JOURNEY, an Emmy award winning public television series exploring emerging technologies in their social, environmental and cultural contexts. Zmekhol has recently completed her film project CHILDREN OF THE AMAZON, an ITVS co-production about the destruction of the Amazon rainforest and its hope for the future. She is currently producing a video with Google Earth Outreach to train Indigenous Amazonian tribes how to use Google Earth to create maps to record cultural traditions and to monitor the forest against illegal logging.

Other Staff

Production Credits

Producer, Director, Narrator
Denise Zmekhol

Jennifer Chinlund

Michael J. Moore, Ellen Bruno, Olivia Crawford, Denise Bostrom

Antonio Luiz Mendes

Sound Recordist
Nicolas Hallet

Production Coordinator
Tania Carneiro

Original Music
Badi Assad, Naná Vasconcelos

Art Director
Terry Green

Graphic Designer
Monte Thompson

Lais Dias

Stela Grisotti, Sula Vlachos

Associate Producers
Jane Greenberg, Eduardo Poiano

Sound Design
Berkeley Sound Artists: Patti Tauscher, Jim LeBrecht