All one word, because it's all one world, and in color

COLORVISION, hosted by Daisy Fuentes, is a groundbreaking new series that showcases the works of independent filmmakers and producers. As a multicultural showcase of media, dialogue and music, COLORVISION creates a cross-cultural community while providing a new vision of a diverse world. COLORVISION, airing on American public television stations beginning on January 2, 2004 (check local listings), is a six-episode series comprised of 23 short films, 16 of which have won awards at domestic and international festivals, and 10 originally produced segment reports. Each episode tackles issues close to the minority experience, such as cultural identities, political realities and viewpoints on the American experience while incorporating humor, music, art and animation.

The segment reports within each episode explore issues of ethnicity, culture and tradition. Lisa Ling (ABC's, The View and National Geographic Television's, Ultimate Explorer) investigates the building of golf courses on sacred Hawaiian burial grounds in "Hawaiian Power." Comedian and radio host Dan Ho (Home With Dan Ho: The Radio Show about Life in a House) profiles El Vez, the Chicano Elvis and explores Marvel Comics' attempts to establish more ethnically-diverse super heroes. Musician Marc

Anthony Thompson, a.k.a. "Chocolate Genius," reports from a real Dudette ranch as well as at the scene of a New Orleans jazz funeral in "The Mortician's Stomp". Actress Jill Momaday (Lucky Luke, The Desperate Trail) explores the mysteries and effects of the Polynesian aphrodisiac in "Kava Dreams." Actress/comedian Kate Rigg (Law & Order and Chink-O-Rama) illuminates the ins-and-outs and final results of an interracial dating service in "The Date" and "The Date Revisited."

The films featured in COLORVISION range in genre from narrative to animated and from drama to comedy. Each film creates a powerful statement. Why Am I a Threat? is a candid, spoken-word trip following rapper Ice Cube through an urban setting. Using his poetry to illustrate difficult emotions, he graphically expresses being young and black in America. Some films are more subtle. Mouse alternates awkward humor with disquieting seriousness as the main character chases a mouse around his apartment while ignoring his girlfriend's attempts to discuss pregnancy.

Other films take an experimental path combining music, animation and even sculpture. For example, Young Hawk Seven deals with modern Native Americans struggling to keep their traditions alive. In I Scream, Floats and Sundays, three short pieces present a visual meditation on the tensions confronting Hawaiian women today as they traverse different cultures and generations.

Told through the eyes of Native-American, African-American, Asian, Pacific-Islander and Latino characters and filmmakers, each of the films offers a glimpse into the minority experience in America.

A series rich with culture, diversity and wit, COLORVISION provides audiences with a creative and fresh look at the world. The series brings together minority groups to create a community of understanding through art, creativity, self-expression and ethnic pride.

COLORVISION, executive produced by Marc Henry Johnson, was created by JohnsonWorks, Inc. in association with Native American Public Telecommunications, Latino Public Broadcasting, National Asian American Telecommunications Association, National Black Programming Consortium and Pacific Islanders in Communications. COLORVISION was funded by The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, The Ford Foundation and Independent Television Service (ITVS). It is distributed and presented to public television stations nationwide by American Public Television.

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