Final Selection Awards Sixteen Projects for Funding

Los Angeles, CA (November 4, 2004) - Latino Public Broadcasting is proud to announce the winners of the Sixth Annual 2004 Open Call, a competitive process where projects addressing Latino themes or issues of particular interest to Latino-Americans are chosen for funding. Sixteen projects have been selected out of one hundred-three applicants from across the United States.

LPB Chairman, Edward James Olmos comments, “The extraordinary proposals we received this year are proof that there is a sense of urgency in the Latino community to tell our stories and make our voices heard. It is my pleasure to congratulate this year’s winners.”

Through proactive outreach, a large number of highly qualified applicants with remarkable and compelling proposals applied for funding, allowing LPB to increase the number of projects awarded from the previous year.

“The quality of this year’s awarded projects is a direct result of an artistic film community that is dedicated to showcase the most relevant aspects of the Latino culture,” says Executive Director Luca Bentivoglio.

Every year LPB hosts an open call process for independent filmmakers to submit proposals for funding at various levels including research and development, production, post-production and outreach. LPB is especially interested in programs that provide thoughtful dialogue and impact-full stories, giving voice to those not normally heard or seen.

Once proposals are submitted, a group of professionals working in public television and independent film reviews and critiques the proposals. The highest rated proposals are then brought before a panel that makes the final selection for funding. This year's panel was comprised of public television executives, local station managers and directors, academics, and other funding organization members.

Open Call awarded funding to 16 filmmakers and 63% of winners were women. California filmmakers dominated this year's open call with 50% of awarded submissions, followed by Texas (18.75%), New York (12.5%), Florida (6.25%), Massachusetts (6.25%) & Illinois (6.25%). Submissions from other states and territories included: Arizona, New Jersey, Virginia, Georgia, Minnesota, Kansas, Utah, Washington, Pennsylvania and Puerto Rico.

The 2004 awarded projects (alphabetically) are as follows:

Al Otro Lado
Producer/Director/Editor: Natalia Almada
Documentary, 1 Episode/60 Minutes

The Calling
Executive Producer: Daniel Alpert
Documentary Series, 4 Episodes/60 Minutes

Crossing Deadly Waters: The Last Hope for the American Dream
Producer: Josie Mejia Beeck
Documentary, 1 Episode/60 Minutes

The Devil's Miner
Producer/Director/Editor: Kief Davidson
Documentary, 1 Episode/60 Minutes

First Voice: Latino Literature in the U.S.
Producer/Director: Ray Santisteban
Documentary, 1 Episode/60 Minutes

God Willing
Producer: Evangeline Griego
Documentary, 1 Episode/60 Minutes

Latinos: Beyond Black & White
Producer: Phillip Rodriguez
Documentary, 4 Episodes/60 Minutes

Letters from the Other Side
Producer: Heather Courtney
Documentary, 1 Episode/60 Minutes

Masked Men
Producer/Director/Writer: Carlos Avila
Documentary, 1 Episode/60 Minutes

Nuestra Familia/Our Family
Producer/Director: Oriana Zil De Granados
Documentary, 1 Episode/60 Minutes

Orozco: Man of Fire
Co-Producers/Directors: Rick Tejada-Flores & Laurie Coyle
Documentary, 1 Episode/60 Minutes

Director/Writer: Maria Agui Carter
Documentary, 1 episode/ 60 minutes

Special Circumstances
Producer: Marianne Teleki
Documentary, 1 Episode/60 Minutes

A Texas Correction
Producer/Director: Susanne Mason
Documentary, 1 Episode/60 Minutes

Visions of Aztlan
Producer: Jesus Trevino
Documentary, 1 Episode/60 Minutes

When the Tide Comes In
Producer: Lourdes Portillo
Documentary, 1 Episode/60 Minutes

About Latino Public Broadcasting

Latino Public Broadcasting is a non-profit organization funded by The Corporation for Public Broadcasting. LPB supports the development, production, acquisition and distribution of non-commercial educational and cultural television that is representative of Latino people, or addresses issues of particular interest to Latino Americans. These programs are produced for dissemination to the public broadcasting stations and other public telecommunication entities. By acting as minority consortium, LPB provides a voice to the diverse Latino community throughout the United States.

This organization was created in 1998 by Edward James Olmos and Marlene Dermer. Ms. Dermer served as Executive Director until 2002 and now sits on the Board of Directors. Mr. Olmos is presently LPB’s Chairman of the Board of Directors and is actively involved in the organization’s efforts to increase the presence of Latino films and programs on public television. Luca Bentivoglio has been Executive Director for LPB since November 2002.

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