Marlene Dermer
Executive Director
Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival

Marlene Dermer serves on the Board of Directors for Latino Public Broadcasting. Founded in 1998 as an interim organization, Latino Public Broadcasting Project was to provide a voice to the diverse Latino community throughout the United States with an equitable and accessible funding and distribution mechanism to present Latino programs on public broadcasting stations.

Under her leadership, Latino Public Broadcasting Project was awarded a Corporation for Public Broadcasting contract and became a non profit organization established to represent the Hispanic community globally. Latino Public Broadcasting is the only non profit organization for the Latino film community funded by the federal government.

Marlene's desire to create a venue for Latin films led her to create the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival, where she sits on its Board of Directors, as well as being Co-Founder and Director of Programming. Marlene has seen her vision unfold by using the film medium as a vehicle to bring to light the richness and diversity of the Hispanic culture. Now in its fifth year of production, the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival has shown films representing Iberoamerica to an audience in excess of 30,000 people for 2000.

With her experience in filmmaking and programming Marlene was an integral part of the Shanghai International Film Festival's Latino Film Program, which held the largest presentation of Latin films ever screened in China. A participant in the first- ever U.S.-China Film Industry Conference, Marlene was responsible for presenting the largest collection of Latin films, one of which was nominated and won the Jury Prize Award in 1995. To date, she still serves on their Advisory Board.

Marlene has lent her expertise to the Los Angeles Cuban Cultural Festival, which epitomizes the richness of Cuban culture. This civic festival founded to celebrate Cuban culture in Los Angeles has seen itself grow from 3,000 attendees in its first year, to 30,000 visitors. With a wide range of programs available, Marlene has assisted in the selection of its art, music and literature.

During her tenure at Paramount Pictures, Marlene not only supervised the production of delivery of scripts, translations and subtitles for studio features released nationally to Latin America, but was also Director of Foreign Adaptation in postproduction. During this time Paramount can credit her with having the most day and date opening with Spanish titles ever.

In another time, Marlene traveled the globe extensively and was involved in the preservation of 18th-century Spanish balconies in the center of Lima, Peru. Over the past 21 years, she has campaigned for such causes as the Cancer Society, Greenpeace, and AIDS. While living in New Orleans she was part of the Arts Community and has been a visible entity with the Cultural Affairs Department in Los Angeles.

Marlene is a native of Peru, with a heart that lives in New Orleans where her son William resides. She speaks three languages and has hobbies that include sailing and photography; she is an avid collector of original artwork and prints and enjoys dabbling in the arts on occasion from her penthouse view in Los Angeles.